Lenovo-branded phones are apparently no more, long live the Moto family

Lenovo has never had much of an own-brand presence in the challenging but highly lucrative (for some) global smartphone landscape, which is why the PC-first manufacturer acquired erstwhile mobile industry leader Motorola a couple of years back.

It’s probably time to admit now that’s failed to put the Chinese tech giant on the Samsung and Apple-controlled map, after yet another quarter of disappointing sales and sliding proceeds. With executive patience quickly running out, it looks like a new round of production and marketing cost reductions is in store, alongside a predictable streamlining of a far too vast, redundant and unnecessary device portfolio.

Get ready to bid adieu to Vibes, K-series Lenovo-labeled handhelds and basically anything that doesn’t greet you with “Hello Moto” on startup. This time for real, at least according to a seemingly well-connected Asian publication.

We’re not sure if Lenovo is already giving up on Tango-powered Phab Pros also, or perhaps moving prospective sequels under the Moto branding umbrella, but both domestically and internationally, expect narrowed focus on Gs, Zs and Ms going forward.

Apparently, “Lenovo’s overseas smartphone performance has been better than China’s”, despite a solid home debut a few years ago, which makes insisting on Motorolas worldwide a relatively safe advertising bet all of a sudden. Let’s see if this one pays off in the long haul.

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