Lenovo brand on Chinese smartphones staying after all

“We will never phase out Lenovo.”

That’s what Lenovo chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said to Reuters as the company continues its rejiggering of the mobile tech operations of Lenovo and the company it acquired three years ago from Google, Motorola.

The corporation has reversed its decision to brand all of its smartphones under Motorola’s umbrella, keeping Lenovo’s name in the mix — perhaps even under the quirky series name, “Lemon.”

All of this talk tops a positive fourth fiscal quarter and a wrap to the 2016/17 year for the Chinese tech company — it came out of red ink for 2015/16 and made net income of $535 million out of $43 billion in revenue. The three months ending March 31 saw an annual revenue decline, though, to $1.4 billion with net gains of $107 million.

Larger form factor computing saw more popularity with a 4.9 percent jump in sales to $6.7 billion, but a 1 percent shipment improvement to 14.4 million units. A more robust quarte for mobile sales, though: revenues are up 19.7 percent to $1.7 billion and an outside-China unit total of 11.3 million, a 17.4 percent run.

Not much word about China as it undergoes some fuss and reorganization, so perhaps the branding move could be a patch-up for Lenovo.

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