Overnight, we shared news with you of Lenovo’s 2GHz K900 Android, but as it turns out, that’s just the tip of the Lenovo Android iceberg. In addition to the K900, the company has five other new Androids making their debut at the CES this year.

First up, in the S-series, a designation promising media and entertainment superiority, Lenovo is introducing the S890 and S720. The former has a 5-inch qHD display, while the S720 goes with a 4.5-inch component in the same resolution; both feature eight-megapixel main cameras. Lenovo doesn’t mention the S890’s SoC, but spells-out that the S720 runs a dual-core MTK chip.

For business users, Lenovo has the P770, designed around a big 3500mAh battery for hours of reliable operation. It has dual-SIM support and if that battery is larger than you need, you can use the phone itself to charge other gadgets.

The A-series is Lenovo’s budget-priced line (though, to be fair, not a one of these five sounds like particularly high-end handsets), and to that it adds the A800 and A690. These both get lower-res screens, with a 4.5-inch FWVGA display on the A800 and a 4-inch WVGA one on the A690. The former runs a dual-core 1.2GHz SoC, while the latter get a 1GHz chip – no word on core count.

Lenovo is initially bringing this pack to China, and “select regional markets” sometime later this month.

Source: Lenovo

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