What is it about today and Android OEMs introducing low-to-mid-end tablet hardware? We got the ball rolling this morning with Samsung and the launch of its three new Galaxy Tab4 models, and now we see Lenovo stepping up with an assortment of its own, revealing four new Android tablets.

First we have the A7-30 and A7-50, and truth be told, we’re not entirely clear how they differ. We have a full set of specs for the A7-50, which will feature a seven-inch 1024 x 600 display, a quad-core MediaTek SoC, 8GB of storage, a 2MP camera (with VGA front-facer), a 3500mAh battery, and be available in both WiFi and 3G versions. For the A7-30, we know it’s also going to be quad-core, and could offer Dolby sound, but that’s pretty much where our available specs end. We can’t imagine it would be too, too different from the A7-50, though.

Moving up, there’s the A8 and A10. Both are again powered by quad-core MediaTek chips, but now the cameras step up to 5MP (main) and 2MP (front). The A8 offers an eight-inch 1280 x 800 display and 4200mAh battery, while the A10 has a ten-inch 1280 x 800 panel and 6340mAh battery. Look for WiFi and 3G versions of each.

OK, so the specs for this gang aren’t stellar; do the prices make up for it? Eh… For the moment we only have UK pricing, with the A7-50 starting at about 100 GBP (no word at all on the A7-30), the A8 at 140 GBP, and the A10 at 170 GBP. While that’s far below UK Nexus 7 pricing, it still might not be cheap enough, considering just what you’re getting here (including those dreadful screen resolutions).

Source: Android Authority

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