Sutro Tower telecommunication tower in San Francisco

26 senators have penciled in their support for a resolution authored by Democratic Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts that would overturn the FCC’s recent vote to repeal Title II consumer protections for internet service providers.

Congress has the authority to overturn and guide FCC rules on the subject of net neutrality through the Congessional Review Act by passing a resolution within 60 days of the repeal. However, the resolution would have to face Republican majorities in the Senate as well as the House and then President Donald Trump in the White House.

Republican House member Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee also is drafting a bill called the “Open Internet Preservation Act in response to the outcry against the FCC’s decision. Like the FCC, the bill labels internet service as an “information service” that’s not subject to utility regulations. It would also protect consumers from the blockade nor impairment of any legal content, though it does not provide any rules about pricing tiers of access. You can see the full bill through TechFreedom at the source link below.

Both pieces of legislation have yet to be formally introduced.

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