Legere claims win in T-Mobile 600MHz grab

T-Mobile announced that it won the most spectrum in the US 600MHz auction with 45 percent of the licenses bought covering all of the US and Puerto Rico for just under $8 billion.

On average, the Un-carrier was able to grab 31MHz per market and quadruple its low-band portfolio — a portfolio that has “triple the low-band spectrum per customer than Verizon,” though T-Mobile can only claim less than half the number of subscribers of Big Red.

Interestingly, Verizon opted not to dip money into the auction. Dish Network was runner-up to T-Mobile with a $6.2 billion pour. Comcast took $1.7 billion — while selling spectrum of its owned-and-operated NBC television stations in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia for $482 million — while AT&T took $910 million.

Little Magenta gained the most airwaves in the Rocky Mountain range, the midwest, the mid-south and most of Texas.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a celebratory video release that the win will help wireless competition in rural areas.

“There are many parts of America where people have no choice or they’re stuck choosing ‘Dumb & Dumber,'” Legere said. “That’s horrible and that’s about to change.”

CTO Neville Ray has previously claimed and continues to claim that the spectrum, which will be effective for indoor reception, this year. Broadcasters have been protesting with the FCC to relent and follow with a 39-month transition plan.

“Our team has a history of deploying network technologies at record-breaking pace – including the fastest recorded LTE deployment in US history,” Ray said. “We’re ready to break records again on 600 MHz.”

This post has been updated with information from Reuters.

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