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Legendary FPSeCE PlayStation Emulator Ported to Android

By Evan Blass January 27, 2011, 8:33 am

Highly-regarded Windows Mobile developer Schtruck has ported his great PlayStation emulator, FPSeCE (First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE), to the Android platform, teasing that it will arrive in the Market “very soon.” At least one other PSX (PlayStation One) emulator is already available, PSX4Droid, but FPse (as the Android version will be called) really is the gold standard in smartphone emulation, thanks to help from legendary coder LDChen.

This news comes on heels of a report that Sony is bringing its own PlayStation gaming infrastructure and storefront to Android, tied into Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play “PlayStation phone.”

FPse will support both on-screen and motion-based controls, includes save states and custom skins, and features a very high level of game compatiblity. As with other PlayStation emulators, a BIOS file from original hardware is required to play, and you must own (and technically rip) any game you intend on playing if you want to keep it legal. Check out the gameplay in the two videos below, which indeed make the app seem almost ready for release.


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