LeEco’s EcoPass killed and replaced with DIRECTV NOW

LeEco has had its software support AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW live streaming service since its debut in February. It turns out that the partnership has come in handy as the company has confirmed that it is shutting down its own streaming content service, EcoPass.

EcoPass was supposed to be an English-language version of a concept that its parent company successfully built in China with original programming, movies and live broadcasting. In the United States, though, the plan was to rely on content partners like Food Network at the outset before investing monies on scripts and cameras.

A LeEco spokesperson stated to VARIETY on Friday:

We have discontinued the EcoPass Beta program as of April 1. We will be replacing EcoPass with 3-months of DirecTV NOW with every purchase of a LeEco ecophone or ecotv. We believe this provides greater value to our customers since it has over 60 channels that include the latest movies and shows.

The company is still accepting premium content credits and offering 10GB of lifetime cloud storage.

Since LeEco launched its brand in the US, though, the company has been bleeding money. Assets are being liquidated and operations downsized to make due with creditors, including the live broadcast service provider it relies on for its Chinese platform. It also pulled out of an acquisition of TV maker Vizio.

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