Poll: What phones are you least excited about for 2017?

It’s a new year and we’re just getting started. Already we’ve brought you a few gems in the phone department – a new BlackBerry – kinda, a pair of new HTC phones, a new Honor and so much more. But like I said, the night is still young and there’s still plenty to look forward to. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Sucks the optimism right out of you, doesn’t it? We’re here to talk about the phone you are not looking forward to.

There are a lot of reasons why you may not be looking forward to a new generation of phone. Maybe your phone is still perfect, and there’s nothing your OEM could do to make it better in your eyes. Maybe you don’t want to be disappointed in what changes an OEM might make. Maybe you’re a webOS fan. But whatever the reason, I wanted to run down a few options of phones that we’ll be seeing this year, and take your pulse on them.


Right out of the gate, with MWC coming up, let’s talk about the LG G6. Rumors suggest that LG is abandoning the modular G5 with a not-modular new flagship. I was personally disappointed in the G5, but not because of the phone, but rather the execution of the concept. In 2017, I wish LG could have learned from its mistakes and taken another shot at the concept. Don’t require a shutdown to change friends, make more friends, and for God’s sake stop calling them “friends”. We’ll see LG returning to a more traditional design with the G6, for better or for worse.


HTC has already had offerings this year, but that won’t be it for 2017. What will we see follow up the HTC 10? Remember, we had two reviewers last year give this phone a perfect 10 in hardware. Will HTC make software to match and bring us the perfect smartphone? I honestly doubt it, but it’s fun to think about. Or maybe it isn’t for you. The poll will tell.


Samsung had a lot of explaining to do after the Note 7 debacle. Fortunately, it already explained earlier this month and frankly, I’m a little iffy on the explanation. But, I’m also positive that Samsung knows for a fact that its butt is on the line with this phone, so the S8 and the S8 edge will both be killer phones. But those won’t be Samsung’s only offerings this year.

Looking ahead, we have the direct successor to the problem-plagued Note 7. If it’s important that Samsung get the S8 right, it’s absolutely vital that the Note 8 not only be right, but virtually indestructible. If Samsung’s Note successor fails for any reason, the Note is dead, and that would truly suck. Heck, this one might get my vote, because I’m afraid of what will happen if it does fail.


The Moto Z should also have a successor this year, likely building upon its modular design of 2016. This is a phone I’m excited to see, because I love Moto’s concept of the modular phone, and Lenovo seems to as well. I can’t wait to see what Moto does to the design, and if it integrates former mods into the new design. But maybe you’re not a mod fan, and I’d get that.


Apple is slated have a few offerings this year – follow-ups to the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7 series. Plus, we may even see an iPhone Pro of some type this year. Depending on the rumor mill you subscribe to, you might even be looking at an iPhone 8, rather than a 7S which is what would follow the schedule. Will the SE come out in the Spring like last year’s SE? Will there be new iPads or iPads Pro (or however you’re supposed to say that)?

In general, I’m thinking screens will be a defining characteristic of 2017’s phones. We’ve seen plenty of rumors of edge-to-edge screens on all manner of phones. We’ve seen rumors of foldable screens coming from various OEMs as well. Lenovo went so far as to show off some prototypes last year, so they’re in the world, and maybe closer than we all think.

So we decided to put together this poll. What phone are you least looking forward to? Maybe it’s a threat to your chosen team. Maybe it’s just blah to you. So here’s the poll:

Go ahead and vote up above (you can vote for up to four of them), or comment, or both, and let’s get some conversation going.

(*Note: Sorry for the trouble with the poll. Should be fixed now!)

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