Leaked Samsung SGSII Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Breaks Secure Storage

A recent tweet from @ChainfireXDA has power users worried about the future of custom ROMs on their Samsung smartphones.

“Ok its like this: the latest SGS2/ICS leak will disable secure storage if the kernel signature is not Samsung… Do they hate customers?” @ChainfireXDA

So what does that all mean?

First off, the Samsung Galaxy SII doesn’t have an official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM just yet, so all this may be a little premature.

Next, secure storage can be used by various apps to store sensitive information. That information might be passwords, credit card numbers, encryption keys, and even your game scores. Sometimes apps store a token in the secure store to authenticate the app to the device, and prevent moving the app to another device.

If you’re running a custom kernel, its signature won’t match what Samsung’s ICS ROM is expecting, and will disallow you access to the secure storage.

We’re sure this was done as a “security” or “anti-piracy” measure, but all it does is frustrate those who make ROMs, and people like you and I who use them.

Let’s hope the release version of ICS for the SGSII doesn’t have this “feature” included — or that the source is released quickly so it can be circumvented!

Source: @ChainfireXDA

Thanks: Kaik541

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