These leaked Galaxy S9 and S9+ prices are high, but there’s no need to panic

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Even as we count the remaining hours rather than the days left to Samsung’s MWC 2018 attention-hogging Galaxy S9 announcement, inside information continues to be disclosed without official authorization, painting a not-very-pretty pricing picture.

We have absolutely no reason to doubt those rumored British and Korean tags anymore, as Evan Blass, who is almost always right about this stuff, is now hinting at a similar EU retail cost structure.

Namely, according to images presumably obtained from some kind of a sanctioned European seller, the “regular” Samsung Galaxy S9 is slated to fetch €821, with the larger, more powerful and technologically advanced variant likely to command a starting price of €997.

That’s certainly expensive, translating to over $1,030 and a whopping $1,225 respectively, although US conversion rates for high-end smartphones are never so simple and unreasonable.

Instead, it’s probably safe to assume the smaller Galaxy S9, with its single rear-facing camera and 4GB RAM, will officially cost no more than $800 stateside. The US MSRP of the S9 Plus is a little harder to guess, but something tells us it might (narrowly) undercut the $999 iPhone X starting price.

Samsung is typically far more generous than Apple with early adopters of its hot new flagship handsets, with a number of launch deals, special offers and freebies likely to make the Galaxy S9 purchase sting a little less. Could that be the only surprise the chaebol still has hidden up its sleeve ahead of Sunday’s Unpacked celebrations?

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