Leaked Pixel 3 XL had a legitimate Google logo on it

If you were doubting that the recent photo leak of the Google Pixel 3 XL was any bit real, you were probably pointing to the logo stamp appearing at the bottom of the rear of the phone — that doesn’t look like a Google ‘G’ to us. But while anything can be faked or be completely unrelated to anything we’re talking about, here’s just a bit of assurance to say that that leak was a pretty good snapshot of what’s going on in Mountain View.

9to5Google did some digging around on Google’s The Keyword blog and found that the non-G logo — a semi-circle-shaped ‘E’ meeting with its mirrored self — has appeared in a post called “The She Word: going behind hardware design with Ivy Ross.” In one of the photos featured in the piece, we find a table of Pixel 2 prototypes with some sensitive logomarks censored, presumably to keep prototype securities hidden.

Well, except for this one.

Which totally looks like the one featured on the Pixel 3 XL that was found.

So, there’s some precedent for that weirdo symbol to appear in Google’s workflow. That should make it easier for us to track future Google hardware updates shot in clandestine environs.

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