Just in case you aren’t already tired of all the leaks, we’ve got a new one. Yesterday we’ve seen the retail packaging of the Pixel 3 get leaked in a set of photos. Today, we’re seeing a leaked Pixel 3 brochure which, unlike recent leaks, brings some new information to light. Specifically, it talks about a feature of the upcoming Pixel phone.

A feature called “Top Shot” is mentioned, which is something we haven’t seen or heard about. The wording goes: “Use Top Shot to get smiles, not blinks, and take groupie selfies that get everyone in the photo (without selfie sticks)”. This hints not one, but two possible features. First, there might be some AI magic going on where the phone will identify people smiling and blinking. It might then use this information to filter out the best pictures so you’re not stuck with photo where the subject’s eyes are closed. Second, and this is related to group selfies without a selfie stick, could be an indication that the second front-facer might be wide-angle. We’ve seen companies embracing wide angle lenses to capture more of the scene. In the case of the front-facer, that would help in getting more friends in the frame.

We all know smartphones have a flip-to-mute or flip-to-silence feature. Basically if your phone is ringing, you put if face down and it stops. Many smartphone makes and models have this feature. However, Google might give this action a different meaning. Do not disturb when the phone is face-down. The wording says “when you want to disconnect, just flip Pixel 3 face down to automatically turn off notifications”.


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