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Check out these leaked Motorola RAZR renders

By Anton D. Nagy April 28, 2019, 2:00 pm
Motorola RAZR render

The Motorola RAZR has been in the news since August of last year, when foldable smartphones became a trend. Rumors of the company resurrecting the once popular brand, with a twist, or a fold we should say, became more and more abundant, but now we’re getting to see some unofficial renders being leaked showing just how the phone might really look.

We’re looking at the same concept, however, applied to 2019, where the display doesn’t stop at the hinge, but folds inwards to reduce the size of the phone. Previous rumors suggested an external display that will add to the user experience when the phone is folded closed. These renders also envision how the phone might be packaged, and the accessories bundled with it.

These are not official renders, as far as we know, so keep a tad skeptical about them. However, they seem to nicely capture and illustrate what the reports have suggested about the phone all this time.


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