Leaked CAD-based Moto X (2017) renders and video reveal a poor man’s Moto Z

While Sony backpedaled from Z to X branding for this year’s high-end Xperia smartphone family, Lenovo did the exact opposite, replacing the moderately popular Motorola Moto X lineup with a brand-new, redesigned and fairly original Z roster of premium modular handhelds.

But rumors of a swift Moto X return have persisted over the last few months, reaching their culmination today with yet another of those all-revealing @OnLeaked CAD-based render exposés. It’s important to highlight the Moto X (2017) moniker still needs credible corroboration, looking more like an educated guess than anything else.

What’s pretty much etched in stone is that we’re dealing with a poor man’s Moto Z here, looking slightly less “premium” and considerably chunkier than the standard 5.5-inch powerhouse. On the bright side, an 8.4mm profile (9.3, camera bump included) would allow the so-called Moto X (2017) to pick the headphone jack back up while bizarrely switching from a USB Type-C to a traditional microUSB port as well.

At 5.2 inches in screen diagonal, the presumed Android upper mid-ranger should end up just a hair shorter (150 mm) and narrower (73.8 mm) than the Moto Z. With relatively thick bezels, that is, a revised oblong-shaped fingerprint reader beneath the usable display, single protruding rear-facing snapper, M banners both on the device’s front and back, and last but not least, no pogo pin connectors for Moto Mod add-ons.

Excited? Intrigued? Disappointed? A combination of all three? Sound your feelings below.

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