In case you’re still torn between LG’s latest flagship smartphone and that other newish high-ender from the Korean company, or perhaps you’re just not feeling the notch trend, you may want to wait another month or two. Or another month or two on top of the first month or two.

Obviously, you could do that dance forever, repeatedly delaying a decision in anticipation of a constantly changing “next big thing.” But if recent speculation pans out, the V35 ThinQ is truly right around the corner, with an arguably more symmetrical, eye-pleasing design in tow than the iPhone X-inspired G7 ThinQ.

Already rendered in perfect clarity and great detail, LG’s next big thing is today seemingly pictured in the flesh, with said hazy photograph confirming the (frontal) resemblance to last year’s V30.

Once again, screen bezels are ridiculously thin, no notch needed, with beautifully rounded corners also contributing to an objectively “premium” look. Curiously, that dedicated Google Assistant button on the G7 ThinQ’s side is notably absent here. The usual volume controls are the only ones in sight in this first leaked real-life LG V35 ThinQ snapshot, and no, there’s no reason to fear the disappearance of the traditional headphone jack.

The specifications are all out in the open already, basically matching those of the G7 ThinQ while improving on the V30’s capabilities in a number of crucial ways. Just remember a V40 ThinQ is also expected out by the end of the year, possibly bringing some sort of a major redesign with it.

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