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As we all know, LG is out of the smartphone segment. On Monday, April 5, the company officially announced that it was shutting down its phone business after failing to find a buyer to take on its legacy in the phone world. However, that doesn’t mean that the company had stopped working on its path to innovation. They developed some of the most daring phone designs in the last few months, and many of us, myself included, were waiting to see the launch of the company’s rollable device.

The LG Rollable phone was expected to launch in the early months of 2021. Rumors also claimed that the successor of the V60 was also getting ready to make an early appearance. Unfortunately, rumors suggested that LG was in talks to sell its phone business, so the V70 had to be put on infinite hold. LG’s rollable device was also affected by these rumors, as it never received an official launch date, even though leaks suggested it was very close to becoming official.

Evidence of this was found on March 19, when the Rollable phone received its certification on the Bluetooth SIG. Now, the latest information has surfaced online, where we can see that LM-R910VM received its NFC certification on January 5. Unfortunately, we may never get to see the actual device or at least a final production unit of the LG Rollable.

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Closing its smartphone business will help the company stop losing money, and for those who own an LG device, worry not. LG will continue to provide support and Android updates for their current devices until the arrival of Android 13, which means you get at least two years of software updates. You can check out a chart that let’s you see which devices will go all the way to Android 13 and which will stay stuck on Android 12.

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