With iOS 5 on the horizon, we’ll soon see nearly all of Apple’s userbase, with the exception of those poor saps still on 3G (or earlier) hardware, make the move to the latest version of the operating system. What’s the upgrade story looking like over in Android land, though? The latest figures showing the breakdown between Android revisions are out, detailing the continuing trend towards Gingerbread.

The good news is that there are clear signs of users updating, whether that’s because new software was made available to them, or they traded-in an old handset. The growth in Gingerbread adoption is nearly mirrored in abandonment of Froyo, and to a lesser extent, Eclair. Sure, there are some users who seem stuck on pre-2.x releases, but they’re likely unable or unwilling to upgrade their devices, and will keep them at their current software revision until they cease to function any longer.

It’s also interesting to note that the majority of Android users are on either Froyo or post-2.3.2 Gingerbread; the smallest fraction of any group of non-Honeycomb users are those on these early Gingerbread builds. This suggests that manufacturers who have made the effort to upgrade their phones to Gingerbread, especially early-on, are doing right by their users and continue to publish further updates.

Source: Android Developers

Via: Droid-life

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