Some analysts still believe there will be no iPhone 8 delay, with ‘most’ components on schedule

Should Apple delay the best of three oft-rumored next-gen iPhone versions a couple of months or even more, or are certain design and functionality compromises a better idea if game-changing components and features won’t be ready for primetime until September?

Well, who says it has to be one of the two decidedly inconvenient options? There’s obviously a third possible course of action, and Morgan Stanley analysts have reason to believe that’s still very much on the table.

The global financial services firm’s “Greater China Technology Research colleagues” have apparently
“not yet seen delays in the supply chain”, leading them to “expect new iPhone production to start on time for most of the components (including OLED).”

That “most” remark still makes it seem like one or two things are in trouble (perhaps the screen-embedded fingerprint scanner, 3D facial recognition or four-sided display curves), though it may also be just a precaution on the researchers’ part, since, well, nothing’s guaranteed until Apple comes right out and says it.

What’s interesting to note is that, despite the generally optimistic tone of its latest investor report, Morgan Stanley remains “conservative on initial expectations” of iPhone 8 sales and growth over predecessors. Nonetheless, Apple should be ecstatic to hear stock price targets circle $177, up from a current share value of around $153.

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