CES is usually a time when we look forward to the latest mobile devices from established brands, but occasionally a new player arrives to give us a taste of something different. This year we came to the expo anticipating just such a launch, having heard that the first Kodak-branded smartphone was getting ready to make its debut. OK, so the company behind it, Bullitt, is no stranger to the market, but we were still anxious to see if this new association with Kodak would lead to the development of some impressive hardware with a big emphasis on camera performance and image quality. Today, the fruits of those efforts are revealed, as Bullitt introduces the Kodak IM5.

We’re looking at a five-inch 1080p handset powered by a 1.7GHz octa-core MediaTek chip, and equipped with a lowly 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage (with the saving grace of microSD expansion). The main camera is a 13MP component, and there’s a 5MP front-facer. With no further detail yet available about aperture, sensor size, or the lens package, we may have to give up (admittedly optimistic) hope that high-end camera hardware was a design goal here.

So what does the IM5 offer, if the camera itself isn’t the main draw? Bullitt’s CEO calls the handset “a phone for consumers who appreciate the value and heritage of the Kodak brand.” He continued, “it looks great, is easy to use and offers real value for money.”

Well, is it a great value? There’s no mention of price in the official press release, but we’ve heard a nearly $250 figure attached to the hardware. As for that ease-of-use stuff, the Kodak phone is slated to feature software aimed at simplifying image management and sharing. Sales should begin in Europe later this quarter, followed by a global expansion.

Source: Bullitt
Via: phoneArena, CNET (Image)

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