Video: Zune HD vs. KIN Two

Since we’re such big fans of the Zune music service, we were very curious and a bit excited about the KIN phones since they’re the first phones to support Zune. Here’s our video comparison between the Zune HD and the KIN Two.

Both devices are paired with a Zune Pass subscription so that you can get the full experience. What’s certainly awesome about having a phone with Zune Pass support built in is that you have streaming Zune pass and music download support from anywhere that you’ve got internet reception. So say you’re in the car and a passenger wants to know if you have any so-and-so music on there… no problem! Type it in and download or stream that music right away. (Zune Pass subscriptions cost $15/month, include unlimited DRM music download plus 10 unprotected MP3s to keep each month.)

On the other hand, the Zune HD offers much better music discovery features such as “Picks” and the Smart DJ mix feature.

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