The deal with accessories manufacturers and the device manufacturers they have to deal with is that the latter fully informs of the specifications that the former need to follow if it is to get an “official” mark as well as any chance at favorable reviews. A phone case is not to obstruct any hardware features found on the phone.

With that in mind, while the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have been the cat’s meow of tech reviewers all over the place, the Bixby Button on those devices has been getting bilious vile and vitriol thrown at it. The feature it links to is considered by many to be less useful than competing digital assistant services and, therefore, useless. Also useless is the fact that Samsung has made every attempt to prevent you from hacking the button.

So, if you hate the damn thing so much, why not get a case that prevents you from even accidentally tapping the Bixby Button? Because it doesn’t exist, right? Well, Zach McKay has something for you and it’s on Kickstarter! Duh.

McKay, who has a decade’s experience in plastics manufacturing, has created a project for such a case and has a $16,000 funding minimum set for it. With 18 days to go in its campaign, it has 18 backers and $479 raised. The more important goal, though, is an order goal of 5,000 units for any manufacturer to take this job up. It’s a simple case and the goal’s as plain as the case, for which you see prototypes above.

Pledge tiers that include a Bixby-free Phone Case perk start at $20 and ship only to the US and Canada starting in September. You can hit the source link if you feel like getting in on this — if you can convince others to pitch in, you might hit that $20,000 goal and get some more colors into the mix.

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