All-knowing KGI analyst expects (inductive) wireless charging support on 2017 iPhone 8

Wireless charging is one of those really cool ideas for mobile device advancement that hasn’t quite taken off in the game-changing way everybody expected. Like modular smartphones, biometric authentication or the wearable market as a whole.

Technically, many of today’s high-end Android handhelds are equipped with what’s better called inductive charging support out the box, which still involves cables and requires you leave the gadget in a pretty much locked position on a dock, mat or pad.

It’s no wonder therefore that Apple has shunned this trend for recent-generation iPhones, although the 8 could jump on the controversial bandwagon, according to tireless KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

After purportedly solving the size and general specification breakdown equation for 2017’s major 7 upgrade, Kuo is ready to predict at least one main iPhone 8 variant will indeed adopt some form of “wireless charging” technology.

Unfortunately, no breakthroughs are tipped to take place off the bat, with many companies working on cord-free charging from a distance, but actual commercial innovations still a little ways down the road.

Worse yet, Cupertino is rumored to be strongly considering selling inductive charging pads separate from even the top-shelf, all-glass, OLED screen-sporting iPhone 8 SKU. And if that’s the case, something tells us you’ll be asked to cough up a tad more than Samsung’s $50 or so starting price. No need to already begin fretting, of course, as we are still many months away from an official confirmation and rollout.

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