Samsung, Xiaomi and Meizu better watch out. The future Apple is coming after them. Or something like that.

It’s always fun to pick around and see how the fortune tellers in office buildings see the future. In our case, it’s especially fun to talk about some stellar hardware. Ming-chi Kuo has been a highly regarded analyst for a while at KGI Securities and he got the iPhone SE (mostly) in the bag. Didn’t catch that part about the iPhone 5s dropping out of the race, huh?

So, what’s Kuo dealing this time in a research note on the 2017 iPhone? Maybe it’ll be a big enough break from tradition to pull a year-to-year full digit jump from “7” to “8.”

He believes that Apple will revisit material options and choose glass over ceramic or plastic. Specifically, glass and metal will help attain a “completely new form factor design” akin to the iPhone 4, but thinner and lighter than what a mass production of plastic or ceramic phones would successfully yield. Bezels would shrink and users would “more comfortably grip” the device.

Apple may also look to see if it can get enough AMOLED panels sized 5.8 inches to bump up its Plus model. This would replace the current 5.5-inch iPhone Plus scheme and complement the regular 4.7-inch version. The hope is that with the new build, the 5.8-inch screen will fit into a body that’s smaller than the current iPhone 6s Plus.

On new antennas, we find wireless charging and more biometrics on the agenda. No specifics have been mentioned and gone is talk about any long-range wireless charging.

We have 18 months before we walk into the future, friends. Let’s tuck this in the back of our minds and see if this note will burn.

Via: 9to5Mac

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