KFC-inspired mobile technology hits India with Bluetooth game controller

Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken and soft drink brand Mountain Dew have teamed together in India to provide videogamers a Bluetooth game controller with its controls straddling a box meant to hold a fried chicken meal.

The Gamer’s Box 2.0, if its name doesn’t signify anything, is the second version of a limited edition gimmick that isn’t gained through the purchase of a meal, but through a Facebook giveaway — users must be tagged in a comment on the above video’s post in order to be eligible. The box’s lid features a smartphone clip while the controller connects via Bluetooth. Each half of the controller features a control stick and a shoulder button. The left side has a D-pad while the right has ABXY buttons.

If you feel like the latest GamePad Moto Mod doesn’t fulfill your need to fill your stomach while you get your fill of Asphalt 8, you can use this Gamer’s Box with the KFC-endorsed Huawei phone you picked up in China.

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