Remember when Pepsi tried its hand at rebranding generic, cheap Android smartphones in a misguided attempt to branch out all of a sudden from what the beverage corporation does best?

Well, the first ever mobile device touting KFC’s logo is less that and more the fast food-themed equivalent of limited edition gadgets imprinted with various superhero banners. It’s not plated in gold, merely featuring a snazzy back cover coated in bright red, which is apparently the symbolic color of fried chicken… or something.

Available this Thursday, July 13, on Tmall only in a single batch of 5,000 units, the surprisingly affordable 5-inch Android phone is part of the restaurant chain’s 30-year celebrations in China.

Founded stateside way back in 1930 as the Sanders Court & Café, then franchised in 1952, what eventually became a global empire expanded to the world’s most populous country in November 1987 with just one Beijing outlet.

Over the following three decades, KFC grew to a total of 5,000+ local outlets, representing the largest restaurant chain in China. Coincidentally, Huawei was also born in 1987, reporting a remarkable progress in the mobile industry, both domestically and internationally, these past few years.

The collaboration between the two ginormous companies therefore came quite naturally, aiming to pay homage to “the rise of China in these 30 years”, according to a regional KFC marketing exec.

Let’s just hope the 5,000 die-hard fast food fans that will get their hands on a $160 or so (CNY 1,099) KFC Huawei 7 Plus will be extra-careful not to soil the special phone with their finger lickin’ hot wings. Colonel Sanders probably can’t protect that circular fingerprint scanner, 720p screen or 13 and 5MP cameras from nasty smudges.

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