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Keep your home and loved ones safe with the latest eufy Security deals

By Samuel Martinez May 3, 2022, 2:05 pm
eufyCam 2C Pro 4-Cam Kit Source: Amazon

We have spotted tons of incredible deals on some of the best smart security products on the market, as Anker’s official Amazon storefront lets you save on a vast selection of eufy smart cameras and security kits.

You can currently save big bucks on some of the best smart cameras and security kits available at Amazon.com, starting with the eufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit Wireless Home Security System with 2K Resolution that is now available for $250 after picking up a 22 percent discount that will help you save $70. This excellent product is perfect for small homes, as it features 2K video recording with a 135-degree field of view, 180-day battery life, detailed night vision, IP67 rating, HomeKit Compatibility, and more.


However, you can also consider getting more cameras, as the eufyCam 2C Pro 4-Cam Kit is also on sale, and you can get yours for $442 after the latest $98 discount that will help you save 18 percent off its final price. You get the same amazing features, which also include human detection technology that enables the camera to detect what’s in the shot, so it will alert you when it spots a body shape and face patterns, not when a stray cat or dog or any other animal is taking a midnight stroll.

A more affordable option comes with the eufy Security eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System that is now up for grabs at $205 after scoring a 12 percent discount that will help you keep $27 in your pocket. You won’t get 2K resolution, as this model tops out at 1080p, but you will receive better battery life, as this model can go for a year without worrying about changing the battery in your cameras.

eufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit

Get picture-perfect surveillance with the eufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit that will let you live-stream and record footage of everything that goes around your home for up to 180 days without worrying about changing batteries.

There are other choices for those who don’t want to worry about batteries. For example, the eufy Security SoloCam S40 Solar Security Camera comes with an integrated solar panel, and it now sells for $170 after a $30 discount. The eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is another amazing option to consider to keep your backyard well illuminated with its 3,000-Lumen super-bright motion-activated floodlights. The best part is that you can buy yours for just $247 after a $53 discount. These products will start working as soon as you install them, and don’t worry about hidden or monthly fees, as they will stream directly to your phone or smart displays.


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