We already know Q1 2018 global smartphone shipments declined compared to the same three-month period last year, with OPPO in the OEM lead in China, and Xiaomi the overall top vendor of India, while Samsung continued to lead the regional “premium” chart.

Now the latest Kantar Worldpanel ComTech report is also out, tracking the January – March performance of the two dominant mobile operating systems, as well as various leading smartphone manufacturers, across key markets like the USA, China and EU5.

Perhaps the most interesting finding is that Xiaomi has started to make waves on the old continent, ranking fourth overall in Europe’s “big five markets” during the year’s first three months, with a solid 4.4 percent sales share.

The Chinese company only recently began taking countries like Spain and Italy seriously, having yet to tackle a large part of the continent. There are no prizes for guessing the EU5’s top three brands, with Samsung, Apple and Huawei making up a combined 71 percent slice of the latest quarterly pie.

“Effectively blocked” from (officially) entering the US, Huawei can find solace in its thriving EU5 numbers. Namely, the company’s sales share grew from 14.4 to 19 percent in the space of just 12 months.

Despite general iPhone X flop consensus, Apple can be proud of the “all-screen” handset’s sales results in China, where the high-priced device was actually the number one model in the market between January and March.

But the iPhone X was “marginally” outsold by the 8 in the US and “European top five markets”, as the lower cost of the latter started playing a more “notable role in consumers’ choices” than the former’s sleeker design and superior innovation.

Both Apple and Samsung “eked out year-on-year share gains” stateside, according to Kantar’s research, but it was actually Google that posted the nation’s most impressive growth, from 1.7 to 3.4 percent, as upgraded Pixels apparently exceeded expectations, despite numerous bugs and controversies.

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