We’re about to end the second calendar quarter of 2016 and Kantar Worldpanel is putting out numbers for the first quarter. With numbers like these, it takes time to make sure they’re right. And we’d wonder how right these figures can’t be.

Android has gotten some major annual gains in market share across the world. In the US, it’s a 5.2 basis point jump to 67.6 percent. The platform’s grown by 5.4 points in China to 78.8 percent. In the markets of Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, — labeled the “EU5” — share came to 70.2 percent, up 5.8 points. The biggest increase recorded was in Australia, rocketing 10.2 points to 64 percent. And believe or not, all of this represents a slowdown in annual growth from last year.

For the first time since October, iOS sequentially gained share in one tracked market — a 0.4 point climb from March to 35.1 percent. In every current measurable market, the operating system still lost share year over year.

In terms of trading places, 10 percent of new Android customers came from Windows 10 Mobile owners while 21.8 percent of new iOS buyers came from Android. 14 percent of iOS customers made their first-time purchases compared to the near-third of Android users.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel
Via: MSPoweruser

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