More and more analysts and industry pundits are predicting underwhelming total shipment numbers for the iPhone X over the year-end quarter, as well as calendar Q1 2018, but in case you couldn’t tell, Apple’s “all-screen” handset actually got off to a flying start before a Christmas demand slowdown unexpectedly kicked in.

The iPhone X was in fact so popular that it managed to beat all other mobile devices in the month of November across three major global markets, according to the latest Kantar Worldpanel ComTech research.

Sales share at the peak of the 3D facial-recognizing phone’s demand reportedly ranged from 6 percent in urban China and 14.4 percent in the UK to 18.2 percent in Japan. Stateside, the iPhone X couldn’t surpass the 8 and 8 Plus, nonetheless rounding off November’s local top three best-selling list, comfortably ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which merely ranked sixth overall.

Still, the three months ending November 2017 proved a rather difficult period for the iOS platform as a whole around the world, with OS sales figures down year-on-year in all but two key regions.

Specifically, iOS enjoyed a healthy 4.6 percent surge in the crucial Chinese market, from 19.7 to 24.3 percentage points, also gaining 0.6 percent in Germany compared to the three months ending November 2016.

Everywhere else, Apple’s numbers declined, by as much as 5.5 percent in Japan and as little as 0.3 percent in Spain. iOS lost almost four percentage points in the US, 2.5 percent in Australia and 0.6 percent across EU5 markets, clinging on to its number one spot in Japan. Android obviously dominated everywhere else, eating a 75 percent+ slice of the EU5 and China’s pies, close to 60 percent in the US, and 55.5 percent in Australia.

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