Apple never performs too well during the summer in the always competitive smartphone landscape, and with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus so quickly out of steam, you may have expected to hear of a massive worldwide decline in iOS device popularity between June and August 2016.

But the iPhone SE probably surpassed analyst forecasts, especially in markets like the UK, where it was actually the number one sold handheld overall in the aforementioned period, according to the latest Kantar Worldpanel ComTech report.

Kantar estimates the second most favored mobile platform’s year-on-year GB growth in sales at 2.1 percent, only exceeded by 2.7 and 2.5 percent hikes in France and the US respectively. In fact, iOS registered (small) progress from the same timeframe back in 2015 nearly everywhere, including Italy, Spain and Germany.

Not Japan, Australia and certainly not China, the latter of which reported a big 5.5 percent dip, though Kantar expects wide iPhone 7 and 7 Plus availability to turn things around. Not so much as to allow Cupertino to unthrone Huawei in the local OEM chart, let alone Android as far as operating systems go.

Speaking of, the little green robot continues to comfortably lead each and every important global market, USA being the only one where it lost a bit of share. 1.7 percentage points, to be exact.

Windows Phone, or Mobile, or however you want to call it? It’s a lost cause, from China, where it powered 0.1 percent of devices sold these three months, to the EU5 group, hit with a staggering 6.8 percent recession. Ouch!

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

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