Last fall, following the iOS 6 Mapplegate debacle, Apple gave Scott Forstall the boot and set up Jonathan Ive to lead future efforts developing the look and feel of iOS. We’ve known that could mean some changes to what we can expect for the look of the next major iOS release, but just what would be so different? We’re now starting to hear some more details of the sort of look Ive envisions for iOS 7.

Ultimately, Ive’s changes are supposed to be relatively conservative, but there could be a new focus on “flat design,” giving the platform a simpler, down-to-earth look, in contrast to the somewhat elaborate skeuomorphic design we’re used to.

Ive’s been contributing to review sessions for Apple’s human interface team, and while his opinions don’t always line up with those of the other execs, the process so far has reportedly been “pleasant and cordial.”

We’re quite eager to learn what Ive’s influence will bring to iOS 7, and if the rumors have been accurate, we might find out in just three months.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Via: BGR

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