While waiting for the elusive iPhone 6c, now rumored to break cover as early as February 2016, you may need help deciding whether or not the 6s is worth your hard-earned small fortune. Hollywood definitely thinks so, with everyone from Jamie Foxx to Bill Hader, Jon Favreau, and Penelope Cruz jumping on the advertising bandwagon, alongside NBA MVP Steph Curry and pop superstar Selena Gomez.

Who’s next, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sam Smith, and Floyd Mayweather? Nothing would really surprise us anymore, especially since the director of Iron Man and Oscar-winning Vicky Cristina Barcelona protagonist cashed their no doubt fat Apple checks after popping up for a few seconds in a couple new iPhone 6s commercials and delivering exactly two lines each.

In a 60-second ad boastfully titled “Ridiculously Powerful”, Mr. Favreau looks so baffled of the device’s “ridiculous” video-capturing abilities that he actually forgets he’s holding a phone with the primary purpose of initiating and receiving voice calls.

Meanwhile, the lovely Ms. Cruz seeks the always-on voice-enabled help of Siri in iOS 9 to solve possibly the world’s hardest crossword puzzle. Despite a charming but thick foreign accent, the actress gets her answer in a jiffy, which is about as farfetched as the storyline of that Zoolander sequel she’ll soon star in.

Then again, where would the fun be in a realistic, 100 percent honest iPhone commercial, admitting the 6s is roughly as powerful as any high-end Android gadget released over the past 12 months?

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