Jolla targets Sailfish X launch in October for Sony Xperia X

Finnish company Jolla had previewed its newest project with its proprietary Sailfish OS with the Sony Xperia X used as a test bed — as Sony is a very developer-friendly OEM, it seemed like a good idea. Of course, for anyone vague interested in this intrigue, it would require purchasing the Xperia X, then unlocking the device bootloader and manually flashing the ROM through a Linux-based PC.

After a couple months of incubation, Jolla has finally decided to box up the software and start selling the package as Sailfish X for 49,90€ from September 27 with deliverables by October 11. Europe, Norway and Switzerland will have the software first while availability in the US and Canada is up in the air.

You’ll still have to set it up yourself, but after that, you’ll get Android app support as well as Jolla apps, major hardware functionality and a year of OS and other software updates. Hopefully, that will include activation of Bluetooth, the fingerprint sensor, movement sensors like the barometer and an easy-to-use ROM installation tool.

Jolla is taking a relatively huge risk with a niche of a niche market and a barebones release. Why would those who can bootstrap their own development rig like that choose this project? However, we know what happened with the crowdfunded Jolla Tablet — it was way too ambitious and never got fully delivered.

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