Jolla Tablet, after delays, begins shipping

One of the many mobile tech offshoots we’ve covered a couple of years ago has now made movements on its new merchandise. Of course, when the dissidents of Nokia who founded Jolla some four years ago, the company had some big plans for its little unique community. But with a phone under the belt, the team decided that a tablet could better project the path forward for the company. Enter the Jolla Tablet which is now in the preliminary shipping stage.

This stage involves one small batch of invitations going out to its early Indiegogo supporters to make final device customizations before larger waves get sent out to prevent kinks from snowballing down the assembly line. Jolla admits that the shipping initiation came a couple weeks past its original target timeframe. It also warned that many orders won’t be completed for another few weeks with the roll-out process. But at least the ball’s rolling.

By the way, as of this post, you can still grab a tablet pre-order at Jolla’s main site.

Source: Jolla

Thanks to Ted Brockly for passing this along to us!

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