Right at the tail end of last week, Jolla popped back on our mobile radar as the company posted a teaser to its website, notifying us that “something big” was on its way this week. But what? We speculated a little about what that “big” could be in reference to, and one compelling theory was that Jolla might be working on a physically larger device than the sort of Sailfish OS-running phone it launched back in 2013. Sure enough, today the company confirms out suspicions, announcing a crowdfunding effort to build the first Jolla Tablet.

It’s an unusual approach to creating new mobile hardware, especially from a company like Jolla that’s already released a handset without a corresponding crowdfunding effort, but unlike the rocky Ubuntu Edge project we saw last year, Jolla’s already looks to be a success: in just these early hours of the project being live, it’s already surpassed its crowdfuning goal by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So what sort of tablet are we looking at? Obviously, it’s running Sailfish OS, but what about the hardware? Jolla’s giving its slate a 7.85-inch LCD with the same 2048 x 1536 resolution you’ll find on the iPad mini 3, Nexus 9, and the new Nokia N1. It will be powered by a quad-core 64-bit Intel SoC, have 2GB of RAM, and offer 32GB internal storage with microSD expandability. There will be a 5MP camera around back, a 2MP front-facer, and the slate will get its juice from a 4300mAh battery. Look for the Jolla Tablet to measure 8.3mm thick and have a mass of 384g.

As far as pricing, the early adopter $189 and $199 levels are already sold out, but (as of posting this news) there’s about 1400 units left at the $204 mark, so there’s still a chance to snag this guy for a song (although shipping’s not included in those prices, and will run you another $20). The first orders should start being fulfilled in May of next year.

In the interim, Jolla is interested in hearing from you about what sorts of features you want to emerge in Sailfish OS 2.0, the platform that will drive the Jolla Tablet.

Source: Jolla, IndieGoGo

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