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There’s a certain sequence of events that takes place when a new smartphone lands at your doorstep. Typically (at Pocketnow anyway), you unbox that sucker, throw it in the labs for some number-crunching, take a boatload of photos and video, put it head-to-head with its immediate competition, maybe showcase it on the Weekly or the U-Review, and then at the end of all that, you post a final review. Then you send it back to its builder and wait for the next one to drop. It’s all very exciting.

But when the device in question is an entirely new beast, a one-of-a-kind testbed for a new operating system, the equation changes a little bit. After all the various interviews and hands-on sessions, the review unit comes in – but after the inevitable unboxing, the sequence is broken. There’s so much different that a comparison seems worthless, and so much to learn that a review would be premature. Simultaneously, there are so many insights to share that staying silent would seem almost criminal.

Hence, the first-impressions video.

After 24 hours taking the Jolla for a walk around town, we’ve got a lot to say. From bifurcated hardware to simultasking software, Jolla is a very special beast indeed – and we carried it all over Boston to see just how much we could learn in a single sunup/sundown period. So tune in to our first-impressions video below, but disregard our promises for a new video before the week is out: we’ll have more on Jolla soon, but we need the weekend to put our thoughts together first. (In the meantime, for off-the-cuff Friday Finnish phone vamping, tune in to today’s episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast where we talk about the new device in more detail!)

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