Pocketnow Live S02E09: Jolla phone, 2K smartphones, iris scanners, Spotify, and more

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We’ve been supporters of new platforms and startups for quite some time, and it is also the case of our friends at Jolla. We’ve seen them and their new little platform several times throughout 2013, and now we have our own Jolla phone in our review labs so we can dissect it. Would you grab one?

The world’s first 2K smartphone has been announced by Vivo with the Xplay 3S. 2560 x 1440 resolution is what some of you rock on your 27-inch iMacs or PC monitors, but the Vivo-phone brings that to a six-inch display. Evolution? Gimmick? Useful feature?

The upcoming Galaxy S 5 from Samsung might also have a 2K display but it will bring something different than fingerprint scanners, according to rumors: iris scanners. Does this sound sci-fi enough for you or is it something that is on your must-have security feature list?

Spotify is now free for mobile users, just as it was for computer owners. These are our topics for today’s installment of the Live show. We can, of course, talk about anything else, really. It’s up to you, as long as you join us for our usual weekly casual time. Today, Friday, December 20, 10:00 AM EST (click for your own time zone).


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Taylor Martin, Senior Editor, USA: Follow him on Twitter, or Google+


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