Back in early January, we asked if 2014 would finally be the year when upstart mobile platforms spread their wings and soared, becoming legitimate competition for the big boys. While varying degrees of progress has been made on platforms like Ubuntu and Firefox OS, we’ve yet to see a real breakout star. Back in late 2013, Jolla found itself among those names with its Sailfish OS, but so far this year’s been a relatively quiet one for the company: we got some of those Other Half backplates for its phone, and saw the Jolla launcher come to Android, but that’s been about it. However, big news could be right around the corner for Jolla, as it something just about to happen in a few days.

Jolla’s got a counter up right now on its website, ticking down to Wednesday morning. We’re assuming that some sort of launch announcement is in the cards (as only something like new hardware or software seems noteworthy enough for the level of attention Jolla’s giving it), but we just don’t have a lot to go on at the moment.

The one clue might be the emphasis Jolla puts on the word “big” as it teases this announcement, and depending on how much we want to read into that, we could see it teasing the arrival of an especially large device – but whether that’s a phablet or a full-sized tablet, again, we just can’t say.

Luckily, we’re under five days away from getting our answer, so we don’t have to go nuts with the guesswork for too much longer.

Source: Jolla
Via: My Nokia Blog

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