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John Legend’s latest music video shot entirely with Pixel 2

By Jules Wang April 8, 2018, 10:44 pm

His name might be a little imposing, but John Legend’s voice is a strong one: not just in his performances as a soul singer but in the music industry at large. And he’s got a huge fan base anyways, because, you know, celebrity.

One of the fun things he and a whole bunch of people were able to put together recently was a music video for a new single called “A Good Night.” The track was composed with the help of BloodPop, who’s produced for Justin Bieber and HAIM.

In an interview with Google’s The Keyword blog, Legend gave the backstory of the video — it’s about a club romance that circumvents dating apps. But the reason why Google is talking with Legend and not a music publication might have to do with the fact that the music video was shot entirely with Google’s own Pixel 2 smartphone.

Why did you decide to shoot it on Pixel?

We thought it would be cool to shoot it on Pixel because the camera is amazing and we were fascinated by the idea of using a smartphone to film a big budget music video, a video that brings the smartphone dating experience to life.

Legend goes on to say that the shooting experience was “seamless” and that smartphones will help budding creative types “tell their story and express their vision.”

Google also pulls an Apple with its brand treatment of not having “an iPhone,” but just “iPhone.”

We can’t pass up the opportunity to ask about the women in your life. How does Pixel help you stay in touch with Chrissy and Luna and record your moments with them?

I love using Pixel to talk to Chrissy and Luna when I’m on the road. We love Duo for video calling. The Pixel camera takes amazing photos and videos too.

I’m a big Google fan so it’s also nice to have a phone that integrates all Google apps so seamlessly. I use Google Docs, Maps, Drive, Calendar and others all the time. It’s great to have a phone made for those apps.

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