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JOBY launches new Wavo mics for pro, on-the-go, and desktop creators

By Sanuj Bhatia January 31, 2022, 9:00 am
JOBY Wavo Pro Source: JOBY

JOBY, the popular camera accessory maker, has launched a series of new Wavo branded mics for pro, on-the-go, and desktop creators and streamers. JOBY says that the new Wavo mics come with pro-grade sound and features that complete the company's content-creating ecosystem that already contains pro-grade video, lighting, and stability products.

The new Wavo products introduced today include:

Audio is 50% of the perfect content equation

  1. Wavo PRO
  2. Wavo PRO DS
  3. Wavo AIR
  4. Wavo POD
  5. Wavo Lav PRO

Wavo PRO

joby wavo pro
Wavo PRO
Source: JOBY

JOBY has unveiled its new flagship shotgun microphone called Wavo PRO for its on-the-go creators. Like other shotgun microphones, the Wavo PRO attaches to the top of the camera. JOBY says the Wavo PRO is equipped with an intelligent hybrid analog/digital system that powers the onboard active noise reduction system, a sound management app, and an integrated second 3.5mm mic input.


JOBY says the active noise reduction (ANR) system leverages enhanced onboard Rycote technology to process and clear sounds made from on-the-go creation, removing self-generated structural noise. The Wavo PRO connects to Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth. It can be managed using the sound management app that provides creators with visual monitoring of sound input, independent dual-mode EQ, and customized, shareable sound setups.

Other than that, the Wavo PRO features LEDs on the back and front for real-time monitoring, a -10db safe track for mono or dual-channel recording, auto power mode to switch the mic on/off automatically together with the camera, and more. Wavo PRO has been priced at $299.95 and is available for purchase on the JOBY website right now.

Along with Wavo PRO, JOBY has also announced the mid-range Wavo PRO DS shotgun microphone that will be available for $249.95 from March 4, 2022. You can check out the Wavo PRO DS on JOBY's website right now.

Wavo AIR

joby wavo air
Wavo AIR
Source: JOBY

Wavo AIR is the 'instant pairing' microphone that is designed for creators who need freedom in front of the camera. The AIR features high-quality audio recording and broadcast-quality sound — even at a distance. The Wavo AIR Kit comes with double transmitters, two (2) lavalier mics, and cable adapters for both cameras and phones. Creators can pair their Wavo AIR mics with audio enhancement accessories, support mounts, and more.

The Wavo AIR features a newly designed mounting system that goes from magnetic mount lanyard, belt clip, or cold shoe mount. It offers long-range recording capability that lets you exit close-up shots and still record up to 50m. JOBY says the mics can even be placed in different locations to record specific audio far from the camera to enrich the video content.

JOBY Wavo AIR has been priced at $249.95 in the United States and is available for order from the official website right now.

Wavo POD and Lav PRO

joby wavo pod
Wavo POD
Source: JOBY

The company has also introduced a pro-grade mic for podcast creators and game streamers called Wavo POD. It features a modern design, a zero-latency headphone monitoring 3.5mm jack, and a volume and gain knob with one-click integrated mute functionality. It connects via USB-C and features cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns 24bit/48kHz high-res sampling rates. Wavo POD has been priced at $99.95 and is available for purchase right now.

wavo lav pro
Wavo Lav PRO
Source: JOBY

Lastly, the company has also unveiled a handy Lav PRO microphone. It is an entry-level multi-purpose high-quality lavalier microphone that features a foam windscreen for true tone audio. JOBY says the Lav PRO works with other JOBY audio gear in harmony. It has been priced at $79.99 and is available for purchase through JOBY's official website right now.


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