Jimmy Kimmel tricks random people into thinking the 5s is an iPhone SE (video)

It sounds like an honest mistake even tech-savvy iFans could fall victim to. After all, without prying open the hood of the “new” iPhone SE or checking its benchmark scores and details, anyone might look at the 4-incher and vigorously argue they’re dealing with the old 5s.

Not only do the two sport identical screens, but their physical dimensions, including bezels, are all the same, they both tip the scales at roughly 110 grams, and they’re extremely similarly constructed. You know what’s even more similar, though? Two iPhone 5s units.

Any sane person with reasonably reliable eyesight should be able to notice that in a heartbeat, no matter how unfamiliar they might be with mobile technology. Yet Apple’s advertising manipulation once again trumps logic, as a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” reporter manages to easily fool people on the streets of L.A. into finding imaginary differences between a 5s and a purported iPhone SE.

It seems unbelievable, almost surreal, but this one guy infers there are extra features on the fake SE from a weight bump that’s obviously not legit. Then you have a girl who feels the 5s in her right hand is smaller than the one on her left, with a 4-inch display in tow that’s “new.”

Now, we won’t spoil the rest of the dumbfounding reactions at the sight of the objectively indistinguishable handhelds. But this is either the funniest or saddest thing about the mobile industry today. Probably a bit of both.

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