Forget the cars, mansions, and hordes of adoring fans; when it comes to celebrities, we’re jealous of the early access they can get to the latest smartphones. In the US, we’re expecting AT&T to start offering the Nokia Lumia 920 sometime in early November, but that’s not going to stop Jessica Alba from enjoying one now, as the actress was recently spotted carrying a red Lumia 920 around Santa Barbra.

It’s tough to make out in the full image, but zoom in a little on the phone she’s carrying and you can see that this is indeed a 920.

Alba’s previously been photographed with a Lumia 900, and perhaps Nokia was so pleased with that publicity that they made sure to hook her up with the latest hardware as soon as they could. Maybe we’re lucky that we don’t find ourselves in a similar position, because we would totally end up milking that relationship, calling Nokia every other day to try and get our hands on more upcoming gear (c’mon Nokia, set us up with that secret tablet you must be working on).

Source: WMPoweruser
Via: WPCentral

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