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Once again, we’re talking about Zack Nelson’s JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube, but this time around, we’re playing around with the Pixel 2, Made by Google, but also really by HTC.

And with the design of the phone making some major changes from the original Pixel devices, Nelson (and subsequent YouTube commenters) tore into the hardware of this premium-class smartphone — after all, if it’s priced like an iPhone, shouldn’t it be righteously compared to an iPhone? His overall opinion is that “the king of Android phones” should be the most capable, have the best specifications and surpass stress tests in the hardware department.

In any case, while we’ll leave Nelson’s views out of our summary for the rushed below, we do encourage you to play the video back and give his points a think-over.

  • The front and rear pane of glass scratch at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale — average for glass.
  • While the device is claimed to be an aluminium unibody, there’s a “hybrid coating” or “paint” covering the non-glass areas that can easily scratch, chip and absorb denim dye — a comparison to the LG G5’s painted body was warranted.
  • The fingerprint sensor may not work if scratched terribly.
  • Individual display OLEDs last 15 seconds under a lighter flame before burning out for good.
  • The phone does not completely crumble when bent. But there’s one painfully nauseous antenna point on the device that is at the most common point of failure for bend tests. It cracks open the chassis and renders the IP67 rating null.
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