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In a day and age when 4.6-inch handhelds are explicitly marketed as “compact” and diminutive, with LG even reportedly prepping a 5.4-inch (slim-bezeled) G6 mini, it takes a whole lot of courage, almost bordering on insanity, to set a $30,000 Kickstarter goal for the world’s smallest 4G smartphone.

But believe it or not, Unihertz, the little known Shanghai-based company behind the 2.45-inch (!!!) Jelly, has managed to raise an expectation-crushing $124K (and counting) within less than 24 hours of its crowdfunding campaign’s launch.

In fact, it only took 57 minutes for the $30K necessary to make this quirky project a reality to be pledged, and there are already close to 1,500 backers eager to get their hands on the Liliputian Android device starting this August.

So, what’s so hot about Jelly? Its size, mainly, but also LTE support, the promise of Nougat software offered right out of the box, as well as a price point fitting that super-small screen. Unfortunately, if you’re just finding out about this now, you’ve missed both the “Super Early Bird” and “Early Bird” tiers of the Jelly Pro, plus the standard version’s former entry-level fee.

Bottom line, you’re asked to commit $69 (soon to go up to $79) for 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage space, or $95 to upgrade to twice the memory and digital hoarding room. And granted, the 240 x 432 display resolution sounds pretty bad, but otherwise, you’re getting plenty from such a crazy petite smartphone. Quad-core processing power, up to 3 days “average usage” battery life, 8 and 2MP cameras, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, dual SIM slots, microSD support, even an optional $10 armband designed specifically for safe Jelly stowage while working out.

Admit it, it’s an enticing backup phone proposition for activities, situations and use cases when a “large, expensive and delicate smartphone is impractical.” And it’s set to run Android 7.0, don’t forget.

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