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Jaxbot was first on the scene to put together a video of a theme based on Windows Phone 7 Series and it looks like he’s finally released a beta for it. What separates this project apart from the others is that it’s independent from using custom UIs like PointUI, WAD2 or ThrottleLauncher. This means all you have to do is install a simple CAB file and you’re up and running. The new video below shows that it’s not close to being finished, but you get a general idea of where Jaxbot is going with this theme.

Current features:

• People hub with recent, all contacts, and a list of contacts’ Facebook status updates

• Bing search – background changes depending on Bing picture of day

• Live tiles (Javascript based, set a URL in the settings to your own)

• Program launcher

• Lock screen

After testing it, I noticed that it ran a little smoother on my HTC Pure than what’s shown in the video, so I’m not too sure what’s going on there. Upcoming releases are promised to have better performance, animations and more hubs. I’m digging the concept of live tiles, so hopefully he’ll continue to develop and polish the theme off. If you enjoy testing out early releases of unique themes, head to XDA-developers for the download (VGA/WVGA). We’ll be sure to keep you updated as it gets improved. If you have any creative ideas, let the developer know because he’s looking for some!

Update: Here’s some new video action of this theme…


(via: XDA)

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