Jawbone announces Up4 fitness band with built-in mobile payments, affordable Up2 as well

Fitness wearable manufacturer Jawbone has unveiled today two new products to bolster its lineup, both uniquely suited to address different parts of the market. The most prominent of the two is the Jawbone Up4, which features built-in mobile payments – a first for fitness-first wearables, though there are certain drawbacks. Rounding out the announcements is the Jawbone Up2, an affordable fitness tracker that also doesn’t skimp on features.

Let’s first address the Up4. It comes in at a $199 price-point, slightly more than the $179 Up3 but with extra features to justify the price hike. The crossover between wearables and mobile payments has traditionally (thus far) been reserved for higher-priced smartwatch options like the Apple Watch, but the Up4 marks the first time a fitness-first device has delved into the payments realm. While this is nice, there is one major drawback: the mobile payments only work if you’re an American Express cardholder, or if you’re willing to become one. If that’s not an issue, all you’ll have to do is use the NFC contact point to tap on compatible payment terminals in order to make a purchase.

The Up2, while it doesn’t come with the fancy payments solution that can be found on the Up4, has a few tricks of it’s own. It’s affordable, coming in at just $99 in a market where prices regularly go over $150 for full-featured devices. The Up2 is meant as a replacement to the now-discontinued Up24, coming in as a middle option between the $49 Move and the more pricy Up3 and Up4. The device is meant for the mainstream without a doubt. It’s designed by Yves Behar, and it’s a whopping 45% smaller than the Up24 (which wasn’t very large itself). It’ll last its wearer seven days without having to recharge, and waterproofing is included. It’ll track your fitness data, and it’ll integrate with Jawbone’s app, including the Smart Coach feature.

The Up2 can be purchased in black from Jawbone’s site immediately, and Best Buy stores will kick off retail sales in the United States this Sunday. The Up4 will begin shipping this summer.

Source: Jawbone
Via: The Verge 1, 2

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