Japan Display takes a hit from Apple’s latest iPhones and their slowing sales

A recent Reuters report says that Japan Display has started to struggle, and the culprit is Apple. The iPhone-maker used Japan Display as a primary supplier for LCD panels utilized in the Cupertino smartphones. The LCD maker built a new plant in 2015, betting on the success of the iPhone. However, the outlook is not so bright for Japan Display as its new plant is only operating at 50 percent currently.

The reasons are two, combined, as per the report. First, the slowing down of iPhone sales are affecting Japan Display, but, what’s even worse for the display-maker, is that Apple’s latest smartphones are mostly using OLED panels. Apple reportedly paid most of the $1.5 billion in construction costs for Japan Display’s manufacturing plant, and, according to unnamed sources in the report, the Japanese company “still owes Apple a majority of the construction cost”.

Desperate for capital, Japan Display is looking to an investor group, led by China Silkroad Investment Capital, for a bailout

The $500 million to $700 million investment would grant the Chinese company a majority stake in Japan Display. Additionally, the investment group is planning on building an OLED factory in China using Japan Display’s technology.

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