Updated Android distribution numbers put Lollipop on the radar

Now that February is officially upon us, it’s time for Google to release its latest Android platform distribution numbers showing just how diverse the vast pool of Android devices in the world is. As you may recall, the newest version of Android, Lollipop, didn’t even make an appearance last month (that is to say, it hadn’t yet even met the 0.1% distribution threshold). In the January 2015 Android distribution numbers, Lollipop is finally making its debut, as older versions of the mobile OS continue to fall in popularity.

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room – Android 5.0 looks to be off to a pretty good start, with 1.6% of all Android devices in the world that Google keeps track of already running the update. This means that the month of January was huge for the update, and that makes sense, given the number of manufacturers which began rollouts of the new OS during the month.

Other versions of Android didn’t budge much, which isn’t too surprising. Disappointingly to us, deprecated versions of the operating system such as Froyo are still on the map, and Gingerbread still represents a huge chunk of all Androids out there. We’re hoping these two change for the better by February, when we’ll get our next set of numbers.

android platform distribution numbers january 2015

Source: Google / Android Developers
Via: Android Police

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