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Jamie Foxx and Verizon trash Sprint on LTE coverage

By Jules Wang August 8, 2016, 5:17 pm

Verizon has been doing all it can to try and shake competing CDMA-run Sprint as it gets back on its legs. The fellows at yellow have been making big claims like its network being almost as reliable as Big Red. Plan price cuts have compounded the cutthroat attitudes in this market.

Meantime, the checkmark has responded by saying that Sprint is still billions of faults behind Verizon (while raising prices with albeit beefier plans) and pointing out the fact that it owns LTE across the country.

The carrier enlisted the help of Jamie Foxx to do just that.

Preaching to the choir or falling on deaf ears?

Remember a couple of things: Sprint has extensive 3G and LTE roaming agreements that cover just about the same areas as Verizon — particularly because it mostly leases the spectrum off of Verizon (but that’s a whole ‘nother story we can’t get to). Also, Sprint offers an unlimited data plan while Verizon is still trying to get its customers off of said plan.

It’s all about what you want and what you want to pay.

Via: PhoneArena

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